Ultrasonic Cutting Machine 30KHz For Automation

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Ultrasonic Cutting Machine 30KHz For Automation


Model: HSPC30

Frequency: 30KHZ

Output Power: 200W

Generator Digital generator:, 452 x 180 x 100mm

Handle: Φ44×220

Size of cutter: Blade replaceable

Length of cable: 3M

Outer skin: Aluminum

Weight: 8KG

Voltage: 220V / 110V

Accessory Foot switch 1pc;Cut blade 2pcs;1.5mm special hex wrench 1pc;Screw M3×4L 2pcs

Material of blade:  Titanium alloy, stainless steel


Ultrasonic trimming and cutting is ideal for a variety of non-metallic materials including plastics, film, fiberglass-reinforced plastic and non-woven fabrics. Applications include automotive interior components such as door trim, steering wheels, instrument panels, consoles and HVAC molded components, as well as most all injected, vacuum, rotational or blow molded parts for general industry usage.


1. Hand-held or mounted to automated machinery arms.

2. No knobby, no silk fabrics, no wrinkles, no rough edges cut.

3. It can seal the fabric during cutting without deformation or warping.


Plastic, foam, carpet, rubber sheet, fiber glass-reinforced plastic, Non-woven fabric,  aramid, 3D-parts, carbon prepreg material, thermoplastics, leather, cloth, paper, film..


Q: Do you have any ultrasonic equipment in stock?

A: Yes, we have stock for each model. Regular products can be delivered within 5 days.






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