When welding plastic products, the ultrasonic welding machine neither needs to add any adhesive, filler or solvent, nor consumes a large amount of heat source. It has the advantages of simple operation, fast welding speed, high welding strength, and high production efficiency. Ultrasonic welding machines are increasingly widely used in all walks of life.
Ultrasonic welding machines are mainly used in the following industries:

1. The automotive industry

Ultrasonic welding machines are used in car window motors, built-in speakers, foot pads, door panels, pull-out forks, spare tire boxes, bumpers, filters, front bezels, airbags, dashboards, sun visors, car water dispensers, Taillights, swelling water tanks, brake fluid cups.

2. Home appliances

Ultrasonic welding machines are used in steam irons, water dispenser plastic plates, TV shells, radio tape recorder transparent panels, remote controllers, portable fluorescent lampshades, juicer plastic frames, vacuum cleaner parts, razor shells, TV shell screw mounts , Mosquito reduction lamp shell, washing machine dehydration tank, etc. require firm, sealed and beautiful plastic welding technology.

3. Stationery industry

Ultrasonic welding machines are widely used in useful welding of ink cartridges, folders, business card holders, photo albums, semicircular instruments, toy eyes, toy pacifiers, bright balls, key chains, mobile phone pendants, etc. Make the company's competitiveness in the market greatly enhanced.

4. Electronic appliances

Electronic equipment and accessories using ultrasonic welding machine technology include: battery shells, chargers, valve-controlled sealed maintenance lead-acid batteries, 3-inch floppy disks, U disks, SD cards, CF cards, USB connectors, video tape reels, computers, Electronic watches, mobile phones, MP3, floppy disks, mobile phone batteries, chargers, mobile phone shells, setting devices, switch sockets, prepaid water meters and electricity meters, communication equipment, cordless phones, mobile phone accessories, mobile phone shell Bluetooth, etc.

5. Processing and packaging

Such as: the sealing of hoses, the welding of special straps, the welding of non-woven bag air filter bags, the welding of water treatment polypropylene filter bags, the sealing and welding of corrugated containers, etc. Ultrasonic welding is an out-and-out good helper in the packaging industry. Anti-counterfeiting wine bottle caps, ziplock bags, shopping bags, toothpick boxes, paper cups, instant noodle bowls, dairy packaging boxes, frozen semen tube packaging, nail clippers, etc.

6. Daily use industry

The manufacturing and processing of many products in daily necessities of ultrasonic welding machine requires plastic welding technology, and ultrasonic welding machine technology has unique advantages and is widely used. Daily necessities that use ultrasonic welding technology include photo frames, keychains, plastic lighters, toothpick boxes, luggage boxes, seat-sealed containers, hollow crate boxes, jewelry boxes, cosmetic boxes, Christmas accessories, hair accessories, lunch boxes, inner pine boxes, etc. It has the best effect on PUC, PMMA, PS, PPS, PBT, ABS, PP, PE, PC, PETG and other plastic daily necessities.

7. Non-woven fabric

Non-woven products suitable for ultrasonic welding machines include clothes lace, bed covers, pillow cases, car covers, masks, packing belts, backpacks, handbags, window cloths, raincoats, surgical gowns, toys, gloves, tablecloths, chair covers, Quilt covers, protective clothing, accessories, umbrellas, lampshades, etc.

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