• Maintaining of Ultrasonic Transducer
    • 2021-11-12

    The ultrasonic vibration generated by the ultrasonic transducer transmits the ultrasonic vibration energy to the welding area through the upper weldment, which is the core device of the ultrasonic welding machine. Therefore, in order to prolong the service life of the ultrasonic welding machine, good maintenance of the transducer is essential. So how should we maintain the ultrasonic transducer? M...

  • Basic knowledge of ultrasonic welding
    • 2021-11-02

    Ultrasonic welding is a relatively new bonding technology, and it is constantly evolving. Ultrasonic welding was first discovered in the 1940s. It uses ultra-high frequency sound waves to bond materials. The basic principle is extremely simple; when ultra-fast frequency sound waves are introduced into certain materials, they will melt. This form of bonding technology is unique because it provides ...

  • Ultrasonic Welding in Manufacturing Plant
    • 2021-11-02

    Rub your hands quickly and they will warm up. The heat is caused by friction. Now imagine rubbing your hands hundreds of times per second! The frictional heat generated can significantly increase the temperature in a short period of time. Similarly, high-frequency sound (ultrasound) can cause rapid vibrations in the materials to be connected together. Vibration causes materials to rub against each...

  • The working principle of ultrasonic cleaning
    • 2021-10-21

    Basic knowledge of ultrasonic cleaning One way to describe how ultrasonic cleaners work is to compare them to automatic dishwashers, but with some additional improvements. Automatic dishwashers are very similar to ultrasonic cleaners in that they combine water and detergent to remove grease, dirt and other contaminants from the objects being cleaned. However, ultrasonic cleaners are not used to cl...

  • Ultrasonic Welding Used in Electric Vehicles
    • 2021-10-20

    Everyone knows that gasoline is a non-renewable resource. In order to reduce its gasoline consumption and the continuous increase in power generation from renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy, automobiles have begun to transition to electrification. Compared with cars driven by traditional internal combustion engines, it greatly reduces carbon dioxide emissions per kilometer, whi...

  • Ultrasonic Welding for Textile Industry
    • 2021-10-11
    Ultrasonic Welding for Textile Industry

    Textile materials suitable for ultrasonic technology Those materials suitable for ultrasonic processing include 100% synthetic fibers, such as nylon, polyester, polypropylene, certain polyethylenes, modified acrylic resins, certain vinyl compounds, urethane compounds, films, coated paper, etc. It also includes synthetic fibers mixed with 35-50% non-synthetic fiber components. Application of ultras...

  • Ultrasonic vibration milling and compounding: hard and brittle materials (glass, ceramics, cemented carbide, etc.)
    • 2021-10-11
    Ultrasonic vibration milling and compounding: hard and brittle materials (glass, ceramics, cemented carbide, etc.)

    Hard and brittle materials such as glass, ceramics, and cemented carbide are difficult to process with traditional methods. However, by applying high-frequency vibration through conventional milling, drilling, grinding, etc., that is, the combination of ultrasonic technology and cutting technology, the processing efficiency is greatly improved. The Ultrasonic ultrasonic processing machine in China...

  • The difference between vibration welding and ultrasonic welding
    • 2021-09-27

    Sometimes people confuse vibration welding and ultrasonic welding because both processes use vibration energy to weld plastic components. However, these two processes are very different from each other. Let's look at the differences between these two processes and how to use them to your advantage. Vibration welding plastic Both vibration welding and ultrasonic welding use vibration to generate fr...

  • Ultrasonic Food Cutting Technology
    • 2021-09-27
    Ultrasonic Food Cutting Technology

    When chewing bubble gum, have you ever wondered why bubble gum can be cut so neatly? When the nougat sticks to the teeth, have you ever wondered how the knife that cut it did its job? With the ultrasonic cutter, these problems become very simple~ What is ultrasonic cutting? Ultrasonic cutting knife, also known as ultrasonic cutting machine, is a kind of ultrasonic equipment specially used for cutt...

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