Titanium Blade 40khz Ultrasonic Cutting Equipment For Rubber Product No Deformation

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The principle of ultrasonic rubber cutting knife totally different from the traditional sense of the cutting. By using ultrasonic energy, the material will be cut by locally heating, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting the rubber. Ultrasonic cutting does not require a sharp edge and don’t need a lot of pressure, so it will not cause damage of vulcanization.


Ultrasonic rubber cutting knife basic composition is ultrasonic transducer, the amplitude, tool head (blade), drive power supply. Mains voltage is converted into a high-frequency alternating current by ultrasonic generator, providing to an ultrasonic transducer. Ultrasonic transducer is equivalent to an energy conversion device, it can be the input electrical energy into mechanical energy, called ultrasound.


The form is in longitudinal slip back and forth movement. Contractions in the frequency of the equivalent of driving power supply for the high frequency alternating current frequency.The role of the booster is a fixed the ultrasonic vibration system, the second is to adjust the transducer output amplitude.Tool head (blade) on the one hand, enlarge the amplitude, focused ultrasound. On the other hand is the output of ultrasonic, like blade of cutting knife, focused ultrasound energy input to the cutting parts of materials.


Ultrasonic cutting advantage and features:


1. Cut the material quickly and precisely
2. Smooth and trace-less cutting edge
3. Powerful, effective reliable
4. Low cost, easy operator. An operator only handle the probe and step the foot switch .So anybody can use it easily.







500W- 800W


AC110-240V, 50/60Hz

Power Controller

stepping or continuous

Material Of Cutting Head

aluminum alloy, stainless steel, titanium alloy, alloy steel.

Machine Wight

4 kg-16KG


foot switch, additional blade

Cooling Device

compressed air mouth can be installed.

Cable Length

2M or customized

Foot Switch





1. For thermal plastic gate cutting and flush cutting.

2.  For rubber, PVC, leather, plastic, cardboard, acrylic, polyprolene cutting

3.  For tape and film cutting .

4. For frozen vegetable&meat cutting;

5. For package material cutting

6. For the automotive industry cutting




The main feature of Ultrasonic cutting machine is which do not need sharp blade, do not need a lot of pressure, no chipping and broken for the material. The cutting knife is with ultrasonic vibration,and the friction resistance is particularly small, therefore the material is not easy to stick on the blade. Especially, the cutting effect on the frozen, sticky, elastic material is obvious. Such as food, rubber or the object with inconvenient pressure, the cutting is particularly effective.

The cutting site has a fusion effect meanwhile it is cutting. The cutting area is perfectly sealed, preventing loose tissue (such as textile material flash) of the cutting material. The use of ultrasonic cutting machine can also be extended, such as digging holes, shoveling, scraping paint, carving, slicing and so on.

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