Ultrasonic Tire Cutting Superior Rubber cutter Altrasonic supplied

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Ultrasonic Tire Cutting Superior Rubber cutter Altrasonic supplied


Altrasonic offers a complete line of specialized equipment and components for tire cutting applications.

Ultrasonic tire cutting provides superior cut integrity of the material versus any other mechanical means currently available. A supremely clean cut is achieved through ultrasonic vibrations so there is no sawing action, resulting in more uniformity and less stress on the material. The ultrasonic cutting process also provides advantages in regard to speed, safety, cost-effectiveness and smoothness of finished edges.


Item No.: HSQ25B-CB

Frequency: 40KHz

Power: 800W

Length of Blade: 80mm/ Customized

Generator: Analog /Digital

Machine Weight: 4-16kg

Input: AC110-240V, 50/60Hz

Cable length: 2M or customized

Ultrasonic cutting advantage and features:

  High cutting precision, no deformation of rubber compound

 Good finished cutting surface and good bonding performance.

 Fast, high efficiency, no pollution

 Suitable amplitude and feed speed improve cutting quality

Long time stable working

Suitable for all kinds of ordinary tool to cut products

High hardness and replaceable blade, greatly reducing the use cost.

Easy to install and use, no need to change the original cutting process, also easy to apply to automated production

With air-cooled or water-cooled design, enable for various working conditions.



Tire crown

Steel wire with plastic layer;

Nylon cord fabric;


The side wall of tire;

Why choose Altrasonic

1. Cost-benefit, we will work out the best program with reasonable price for you after testing. we also have one year warranty for none human damage, in this period factory will responsible for all damages. After warranty, we will offer repair and new spare parts for customer with economical price.

2. Purchase process is very convenient and efficient, we will deal with customers case within 24 hour, and it often take 3-4 days to delivery goods from here to your company via international express. Our general lead time is around 7-15days.

3. Strictly quality control, our product will do 3 times aging test and 48 hours working time for stability test before sending out.

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