Ultrasonic Hand-held Plastic Welder Portable for Welding Car Parts

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Ultrasonic Hand-held Plastic Welder Portable for Welding Car Parts


Ultrasonic spot welding system is ALTRASONIC latest introduction, the power requirements of 1000 watts the application. The ultrasonic spoter can be used with its suitable handheld device or directly connected to the converter / supercharger / speaker stack for automation.

Ergonomics-based ultrasonic spot welders are based on hand-held welders. It is mainly used for ignition riveting, thermoplastic welding and forming. With a modular integrated circuit, the output power, easy to operate. Built-in fully automatic protection circuit to ensure safe and reliable applications, stable and reliable operation.


Appliance: Fixtures, hardware, and enclosure assembly, welding of components.

Automotive: Parts and body components, instrument panels, headlight assemblies, under hood assemblies.

Cosmetic: Assembly of compacts and other containers, sealing tubes, packaging.

Electronic/Electrical: Component, connector cable and wire harness assemblies, enclosure cases and instrument faces, audio/video cassette and cartridge, switch assemblies.

Food: Sealing of pouches, tray containers and tubes; sealing microwavable containers; product packaging.

Hardware: Product assembly and blister pack packaging.

Health Care: Product containers and accessories.

Instrument: Welding and staking case assemblies and face covers.

Medical: Sterile package sealing; equipment component assembly; syringes and filters.

Packaging: Welding extruded plastic sheet for boxes/containers, package sealing.

Textile: Fabric slitting, joining or embossing.

Toy and Game: Assembly of game elements and product packaging.


Item No. HSW20 HSW30 HSW35 HSW40 HSW60
Frequency 20kHz 30kHz 35kHz 40kHz 60kHz
Power 1000W 1200W 1000W 500W 300W-500W
Horn ≤12mm ≤10mm ≤10mm ≤10mm ≤10mm
Housing Diameter 44mm 44mm 44mm 44mm 44mm
Weight of Welder 1.0kg 1.0kg 1.0kg 1.0kg 1.0kg


1. Ultrasonic is the fastest, most repeatable and economical assembly method available to the industry today. 

2. With ultrasonic, most thermoplastics can be assembled without heat, mechanical fasteners, or hazardous consumables such as adhesives or solvents. 

3. Ultrasonic can join parts - small or large, simple or complex - with lower reject rates than any other method.

4. Using ultrasonic, labor - both as a skill factor and as a time factor - is significantly reduced. And since the equipment can readily be automated, any non-technical operator can be trained in minutes to produce high volume, high integrity assemblies.


If you are not sure whether your application is suited for ultrasonic assembly, please rely on us. We are here to help you. Our applications lab is staffed with highly trained ultrasonic specialists whom you can call at any time for advice or information. They will evaluate your applications from parts, prototypes or blueprints, and provide you with prompt and knowledgeable recommendations. This no-cost, no obligation service includes feasibility engineering studies, design recommendations, and material guidance much more.


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