Ultrasonic Cutter with Customized Knife for Autoparts Plastic Deburring or Trimming Adapt to Robatic System

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Ultrasonic Cutter with Customized Knife for Autoparts Plastic Deburring or Trimming Adapt to Robatic System



Item No.: HS-C30
Frequency 30kHz
Output Power 500Watt
Generator Digital generator, 452 x 180 x 100mm
Handle Φ44×220
Size of cutter Blade replaceable
Length of cable 3M
Outer skin Aluminum
Weight 8kgs
Voltage 220V / 110V
Accessory Foot switch1pc;
Cut blade 5pcs;
1.5mm special hex wrench 1pc;
Screw M3×4L 2pcs
Material of cutter Magnalium alloy, titanium alloy, stainless steel



An ultrasonic transducer creates a vibrating blade, enabling the cutting edge to more easily slice through a wide range of materials – thin plastics sheets, rubber, paper products, woven and non-woven materials, and even carbon fiber pre-preg. Available models are designed around hand-held pieces, or mountable transducers for use with industrial robots, plotters, and automated machinery.

Ultrasonic cutters are essentially cutting or trimming tools utilizing a vibrating ultrasonic horn to assist the cutting action of sharp utility knife blades. Ultrasonic vibrations are transmitted to the end of the blades resulting in a substantially smoother and even cutting action.



1. The main feature of Ultrasonic cutting machine is do not need sharp blade, do not need a lot of pressure, no chipping and broken for the material. The cutting knife is with ultrasonic vibration,and the friction resistance is particularly small, therefore the material is not easy to stick on the blade. Especially, the cutting effect on the frozen, sticky, elastic material is obvious. Such as food, rubber or the object with inconvenient pressure, the cutting is particularly effective.

2. The cutting site has a fusion effect meanwhile it is cutting. The cutting area is perfectly sealed, preventing loose tissue (such as textile material flash) of the cutting material. The use of ultrasonic cutting machine can also be extended, such as digging holes, shoveling, scraping paint, carving, slicing and so on.

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