Stable Amplitude Ultrasonic Drilling Process for Yttria and Sapphire

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Stable Amplitude Ultrasonic Drilling Process for Yttria and Sapphire


Item No.: HS-M20

Frequency: 20kHz

Power: 500Watt

Speed: 20,000RPM

Amplitude: 10um or more

Diameter of Horn: 

                          Milling: Φ1-Ф13mm


Spindle: BT40 / BT50 / R8 / HSK63 / ISO / CAT

(Special spindles are made per request.)


Ultrasonic Machining is a new mechanical machining process, which can enhance the milling and drilling performance by high frequency micro vibrations. Ultrasonic machine device comprises a generator, transducer, booster and horn.

The emergence of ultrasonic machining technology has greatly improved the efficiency and quality of processing hard and brittle materials. It has become more and more widely used in modern industries, especially in the fields of aerospace, weapon preparation, and automobile manufacturing.

The function of various parts are described below:


1. Transducer: The transducer mainly consists of a cylinder which is made up of piezoelectric ceramic. It converts electrical energy into mechanical vibration. Transducer then vibrates sonotrode at low amplitude and high frequency.

2. Sonotrode: It is made of low carbon steel. One end of it is connected with the transducer and other end contains tool. The sonotrode vibrates at low amplitude and high frequency and removes material from the w/p by abrasion where it contacts it.

3. Generator: The generator consists of an electronic oscillator which produces an alternating current at high frequency. The frequency produced is usually in 20kHz in ultrasonic range.


Medical industry: Artificial crown machining

Automotive industry: Valve deburring

Die & mold industry: Surface finishing

Aerospace industry: Surface finishing

Precise ceramic industry: Roughing and finishing

Glass industry: Drilling, polishing, chamfering


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