40kHz Ultrasonic Hand Cutter with Replaceable Knives for Cutting Thermoplastic, Fabric & Film

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40kHz Ultrasonic Hand Cutter with Replaceable Knives for Cutting Thermoplastic, Fabric & Film


The purpose of ultrasonic cutting is to use the energy of ultrasonic transducer to heat and melt the part of the cut material so as to cut the material. Therefore, ultrasonic cutting does not require sharp edges, nor does it require a lot of pressure, and it will not cause edge breakage or damage of the material being cut. At the same time, because the cutter is doing ultrasonic vibration, friction resistance is very small, the material is not easy to be cut on the blade.This is especially effective for cutting viscous and elastic materials, such as video, rubber, etc., or objects that do not add pressure.


Model HSQ40B-AB
Frequency 40KHZ
Output Power 100W
Generator Analog generator, 155 x 265 x 170mm
Handle Φ32×170
Size of cutter Blade replaceable
Length of cable 3M
Outer skin Aluminum
Weight 8KG
Voltage 220V / 110V
Accessory Foot switch1pc;Cut blade 25pcs;1.5mm special hex wrench 1pc;
Screw M3×4L 2pcs
Material of cutter titanium alloy, stainless steel


Raw rubber, Pipe

Printed circuit board  

Industrial cutting

Plastic products cutting

Printing industry cutting

Automotive industry natural fiber segmentation

Deep excavation of synthetic fibers (multi-layer circuit cutting)

Plastic casing cutting

Thin synthetic resin processing

Paper cutting

Bottom film cutting


The cutting speed is greatly improved, and the efficiency of traditional cutting knife is increased by more than 10 times

High power ultrasonic transducer is used as vibration element to ensure long time stable operation

The cutting tool variety is complete, may also customize the related shape cutting tool according to the customer craft

It can produce disc type ultrasonic cutter cutting equipment, realize rolling cutting, suitable for special cutting applications

Can cut all kinds of common cutting tools difficult to cut products, to solve the production and processing problems

High hardness blade can be installed, cutting blade can be replaced, reducing the cost of use

Installation, easy to use, almost unchanged the original cutting process


1. What is the blade life?

The blade life differs according to material, shape of the work-piece, and processing method. The blade should be changed once every few months when cutting materials with small wear rates, such as rubber. The blade should be changed once every few days when cutting materials with large wear rates, such as materials containing glass fiber.

2. What’s the difference between Ultrasonic cutting and the traditional cutting?

The traditional cutting is the use of cutting tools with sharp edge press to cutting material, this pressure is large and concentrated in the edge. When the material being cut, its molecular combination was cut off, so it is easy cause crumbs and broken edges.

However, ultrasonic cutting is the use of wave energy, will be cutting the material of the local heating and melting, so as to achieve the purpose of catting materials.


3. If I buy your product, how can you grantee the quality?

We have a strictly quality control system and have a rigorous quality control team, before the products sending out, we will make three times aging test and 48 hours working time on stability test. Besides, we provide 24 hours technical supports and after sale service.

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