35Khz Ultrasonic Plastic Welding For Car Bumpers

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35Khz Ultrasonic Plastic Welding For Car Bumpers


  Gun Type Cylinder Type
Model HS-35G HS-28G HS-28G HS-20G HS-35C HS-28C HS-28C HSW60
Frequency 35k 28k 28k 20k 35k 28k 28k 60k
Power 700&1000 300&500 400&700 900 700&1000 300&500 400&700 500
Horn ≤10mm ≤10mm ≤12mm ≤13mm ≤10mm ≤8mm ≤12mm ≤12mm
Housing Diameter 51mm 64mm 40mm 40mm 45mm 45mm
Handle Size 100mm×45mm×32mm —— —— —— ——

Weight Without

Wire and Horn

0.6kg 1.3kg 1.3kg 1.5kg 0.6kg 0.6kg 0.6kg 0.6kg
Digital generator
Analog generator



Hand-held ultrasonic welding machine, also known as ultrasonic spot welding machine.It is a ultrasonic welding equipment which can fully activate the structure molecules and form the fusion cutting between the molecular layers under the condition that the friction of the workpiece's welding surface generates heat and then exerts pressure on it.


1. Adopt Taiwan ultrasonic system.

2. Time control and set ultrasonic time.

3. It has the function of overheat and overload protection with high reliability.

4. Adaptive output power load, high efficiency and excellent energy saving.

5. Output amplitude is stepless and adjustable, and ultra-resistant folding connection line is configured.

6. Small size, large power, high integration, customized by professional manufacturers of components and components.

7. For ultrasonic testing, the output of ultrasonic can be controlled manually, and it is used to check whether the power supply is normal during debugging and maintenance.



Automobile and motorcycle: battery, front Angle lamp, rear lamp, instrument, reflector, manual auto protection jacket welding, auto door plate welding, auto front baffle welding, auto floor welding, auto bumper repair welding, etc.


The welded parts do not present any rough edges and the process does not exhale any odors or smoke. It allows for the joining of transparent parts without any crystallization mark.

This way, the process can be employed in the manufacturing of packages for food and hygiene products, as well as products consisting of internal subsets.

It also allows for the processing of flammable or explosive products without any risk of ignition or explosion.

The process is also normally executed in one second, without the need for an extended cooling and/or drying time.



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