35Khz 1200w Customized Ultrasonic Welder with Multi Spot Dots for Filter Cotton

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35Khz 1200w Customized Ultrasonic Welder with Multi Spot Dots for Filter Cotton 


  Gun Type Cylinder Type
Model HS-35G HS-28G HS-28G HS-20G HS-35C HS-28C HS-28C HSW60
Frequency 35k 28k 28k 20k 35k 28k 28k 60k
Power 700&1000 300&500 400&700 900 700&1000 300&500 400&700 500
Horn ≤10mm ≤10mm ≤12mm ≤13mm ≤10mm ≤8mm ≤12mm ≤12mm
Housing Diameter 51mm 64mm 40mm 40mm 45mm 45mm
Handle Size 100mm×45mm×32mm —— —— —— ——

Weight Without

Wire and Horn

0.6kg 1.3kg 1.3kg 1.5kg 0.6kg 0.6kg 0.6kg 0.6kg
Digital generator
Analog generator


The Ultrasonic Portable Welders  have been designed and manufactured for welding operations on plastic parts. These generators are totally digital and incorporate state-of-the-art regulation features previously available only on superior class generators.

The digital generators incorporate a backlight display.

The innovative programming system is controlled by means of a rotary selector switch; all settings can therefore be carried out using a single knob.

1.Ultrasonic Portable Welders For Little Insets Insertion,Riveting And Welding  

2.It applied to plastic products in the aspects of riveting, cutting, sealing and welding. 

3.Optimization of the heat welding defects (yellowing, edge burning and blocking up). 

4.Can design the horn according to the products. 

5.We have CE ISO9001 and SGS Certificate. 

6.Weld parameter storage. 

7.System control, automatic frequency adjustment. 

8.High quality horn and import components can extend lifespan. 

9.Micro processor control . 

10.Easy to install and operate. 




Another benefit is the time of glycerol separation.This is also faster and one of the reasons for it is that less methanol is been used,so glycerol separation is faster.

Hand held ultrasonic welding machines, also known as portable ultrasonic welding machines,hand held ultrasonic welding machines, handheld welding machine, portable welding machine, ultrasonic spot welding, riveting machines, ultrasonic point welder, can be used for the butt welding of thermoplastics, welding head can also be replaced according to customer demand for riveting, spot welding, embedding, removal process, compared to other traditional crafts (such as adhesive, scald together or screw fastening, etc.), with high production efficiency and welding quality good, environmentally friendly and energy-saving advantages.

Fabrics and Textile:

Manufacturers of underwear, surgical masks, medical shoes and bedcovers, among other segments, have already extensively adopted the ultrasound technology, due to its highly resistant hermetical sealing. This technology presents yet more advantages when compared to the usual sewing methods, such as the joining of different types of materials, strong binding quality, no fiber melting beyond the welding area and a stitchless finishing. This system consumes very little energy on stand-by, does not need any adhesives and can dramatically increase the production capacity.


The welded parts do not present any rough edges and the process does not exhale any odors or smoke. It allows for the joining of transparent parts without any crystallization mark.

This way, the process can be employed in the manufacturing of packages for food and hygiene products, as well as products consisting of internal subsets.

It also allows for the processing of flammable or explosive products without any risk of ignition or explosion.

The process is also normally executed in one second, without the need for an extended cooling and/or drying time.


 Competitive Advantage:

★Efficiency:  The welding process is very fast, welding time is only 0-999 seconds.

★Strength:  Can bear more pressure and tension (the weld joint has same strength as the base material).

★Quality:  Finished product is hermetic sealing (airtight and watertight). 

★Cost: Non bolt or glue, reduce labor and costs (no adhesives, screws, connective bolts).

★Appearance: The joints are repeatable, clean and precise.

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