20K Ultrasonic Assisted Machining Of BT40 Tool Holder For Milling

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Product Details

20kHz Ultrasonic Assisted Machining of BT40 tool holder for Milling


Frequency 20kHz
Output Power 500W
Voltage 220 V / 110V
Switch Handle or foot switch
Power Adjusting Step or continuous
Working Time Control 24 Hours
Weight 30 KG
Application Ultrasonic Milling
Generator Digital Generator
Length of cable 5M


The latest ultrasonic machining technology takes your processing capabilities to the next level with your bottom line. Experience high-efficiency ultrasonic milling, grinding, lightweighting of cores and optical glass and ceramics for unprecedented processing efficiency. The ultrasonic vibration of the tool promotes free cutting of the material, greatly reducing the forces applied to the tool and the workpiece during processing.


1.Includes optical glass, ceramics, crystals and alloys. For planes, spheres, aspheric surfaces and free shapes, the parts range in diameter from one millimeter to one meter.

2.With unique ultrasonic processing technology, the chemical and physical properties of the substrate material remain unchanged, increasing reliability


Machined slots

Round, square, and odd-shaped thru-holes and cavities


1.Process more complex geometries such as spheres, non-spherical, cylindrical, prismatic and free shapes.

2. Processing hard ceramic or soft optical materials has never been so fast or simple.





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