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Ultrasonic Food Cutting Machine

Ultrasonic Cutter Machinery 20KHz Titanium Blade Healthful For Food With High Viscosity

Ultrasonic Cutter Machinery 20KHz Titanium Blade Healthful For Food With High Viscosity

 20hkz Ultrasonic Cutter Machinery with Titanium Blade for Food With High Viscosity

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Ultrasonic Cutter Machinery 20KHz Titanium Blade Healthful For Food With High Viscosity


The ultrasonic food cutting machine (cutter) is composed of ultrasonic transducer (converter) with cover, booster, titanium blade and digital generator.

Ultrasonic cutters can smoothly cut difficult-to-cut materials. 
They are small in size and do not require large installation areas. Special equipment is not required for the installation. They are small enough to be hand-held for many operations. They can also be attached to automated machinery arms. Although they may not be familiar to you, they play an active role in the manufacturing processes of various industrial products which we use daily.
The ultrasonic cutter is composed of a “transducer” that generates vibration and an “oscillator” that drives the transducer. A piezoelectric element is used for the transducer. When voltage is applied, the piezoelectric element displaces the transducer by a few micrometers. Periodically applying voltage generates vibration. Each object has its special frequency, by which the object is stable and easy to vibrate. By adding an external force that corresponds to that special frequency, a small force can obtain a large vibration. This phenomenon is called resonance.
In the ultrasonic cutter, the piezoelectric element generates a force that resonates the whole body, from the transducer to the blade tip, generating a large vibration at the tip. The oscillator periodically generates voltage to resonate and drive the transducer. Using a component of the ultrasonic cutter called the horn to wring the cross-sectional area, from the piezoelectric element to the blade tip, can obtain a larger vibration.
Ultrasonic cutting advantage and features:
1. Cut the material quickly and precisely
2. Smooth and traceless cutting edge
3. Powerful, effective realiable
4. Low cost, easy operator. An operator only handle the probe and step the foot switch .So anybody can use it easily.


 Frequncy  20khz        
 Power  800w
 Input  AC110-240v,50/60HZ
 Power controller  stepping or continuous

 Material of cutting head

 titanium alloy
 Machine wight  15-18kg

1. For bakery and snack foods,
2. For candy and confectionery
3. For cheese, fish, prepared meat and vegetables
4. For health bars, chacolates, sandwich and wrap cutting

5. For dry fruit,poultry,potted processed meat and grand meat.


  • High energy conversion efficiency, more than 90%;
  • The vibration of the ultrasonic food processing system using high frequency wave to quickly cut food;
  • Provides a new way to cut piece, cutting, steering, and transfer alignment or different kinds of food;
  • Makes the cost of production flow minimization;
  • Especially for cutting high viscosity food;
  • Cutting is very hygienic;
  • The cut food looks neat and beautiful;
  • Suitable for automated assembly line, do not have to make a lot of changes to the original line, saving production costs.

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Leave A Message

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.