Titanium alloy welding head

  • 2021-07-15
Titanium alloy welding head:
    Ultrasonic molds, welding heads, die heads, welding heads, fixtures, jigs, receivers, transducers, generators and accessories are essential and important components of ultrasonic plastic welding machines. The quality of the mold will directly affect the ultrasonic wave. The quality of welding plastic parts is therefore a very critical link. Both the ultrasonic die vibration node welding head and the horn are designed as a half-wavelength resonator of the working frequency. In the working state, the amplitude of the two end faces is the largest and the stress is the smallest, and the node amplitude in the middle position is equivalent to zero, and the stress maximum.
    The node position is generally designed to be a fixed position, but the thickness of the usual fixed position design is greater than 3mm, or the groove is fixed, so the fixed position is not necessarily zero amplitude, which will cause some calls and a part of energy loss. The sound is usually isolated from other parts with rubber rings, or shielded by sound insulation materials. Energy loss is considered when designing the amplitude parameters. Ultrasonic mold processing accuracy. Ultrasonic welding heads should be designed to be symmetrical because they work under high-frequency vibration. In order to avoid the unbalanced stress and lateral vibration caused by the asymmetry of sound wave transmission (the welding head we use for welding uses the longitudinal transmission of ultrasonic vibration, for the entire resonant system), the unbalanced vibration can cause the welding hair to heat And fracture.
    Ultrasonic welding is used in different industries for different processing accuracy requirements. For particularly thin workpieces such as the welding of lithium-ion battery pole pieces and tabs, and the coating of gold foil, the requirements for processing accuracy are very high. All of our processing equipment All use numerical control equipment (such as machining centers, etc.) to ensure that the accuracy of the machining meets the requirements.

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