high power Ultrasonic machining processing system for milling , drilling

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high power Ultrasonic machining processing system for milling , drilling



 Frequency  15-21khz
 Output power  500watt
 Voltage  110V / 220V
 Dimensions of digital generator  375*170*330mm
 Amplitude of the horn  more than 10um
 Speed   3000 REV/min
 Matching horn

 Milling cutter: Carbide cutter diameter 2-13

 Disc cutter: diameter 50 indexable

 Weight  20kgs
 Connecting horn modle  BT-40





Ultrasonic machining process uses a power supply that converts conventional line voltage to 20KHz electrical energy.

This high-frequency electrical energy is provided to a piezoelectric converter that changes high frequency electrical energy into mechanical motion.

The ultrasonic motion from the converter is amplified and transmitted to the horn and cutting tool. 

This causes the horn and attached cutting tool to vibrate perpendicularly to the tool face thousands of times per second with no side to side motion. 

A recirculating pump forces E/Z Pump™ abrasive, suspended in a liquid medium, between the vibrating tool face and the workpiece. The abrasive particles strike the workpiece at 150,000 times their own weight. 

These tiny abrasive particles chip off microscopic flakes and grind a counterpart of the tool face.

The advantages of ultrasonic machining over ordinary machining:

  •  improve the surface finish grades 1-2;
  •  The tool life extended 1-2 times;
  •  greatly reduce cutting resistance, there is a significant reduction in the hot chips. From the point of
  •  view of single chip color, from blue to purple yellow chips, it took a lot of heat.
  •  Virtually any hard material can be machined
  •  Little heat is produced
  •  Since the motion of the tool is up-and-down vibration rather than rotation as in traditional machining, 
  •  the holes cut are not limited to circular shapes but can be any shape. 
  •  Custom "cookie cutter" tools can cut complicated shapes.
  •  good surface finish and higher structural integrity is obtained


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