bone ultrasonic drilling machine

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bone ultrasonic drilling machine


Item No.: HS-M20

Frequency: 20kHz

Power: 500Watt

Speed: 20,000RPM

Amplitude: 10um or more

Diameter of Horn:

                          Milling: Φ1-Ф13mm


Spindle: BT40 / BT50 / R8 / HSK63 / ISO / CAT

(Special spindles are made per request.)





Rotary ultrasonic-assisted machining is a new processing technology obtained by combining traditional machining and ultrasonic machining. Compared with traditional machining, rotary ultrasonic assisted machining has the advantages of low cutting force, low cutting heat, high machining accuracy and high processing efficiency, and is widely used in hard and brittle materials such as single crystal silicon, engineering ceramics, cemented carbide, and composite materials such as carbon fiber. Processing, has broad application prospects.





Medical industry: Artificial crown machining

Automotive industry: Valve deburring

Die & mold industry: Surface finishing

Aerospace industry: Surface finishing

Precise ceramic industry: Roughing and finishing

Glass industry: Drilling, polishing, chamfering


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