Advantages Of Ultrasonic Cutting

  • 2021-07-23

Altrasonic's efficient cutting tools enable food industry companies to enhance performance and improve slicing operations.

The principle is simple: the end of the oscillating knife (sonotrode) is set as needed at a defined amplitude (30 to 100 µ) and frequency (20 or 30 kHz). It creates an acceleration of more than 105 G, cutting the food into pieces, with the help of a press that moves up and down.

Advantages of ultrasonic cutting:

-Clean the cut without mess or crushing,

-Compatible with soft and sticky fragile foods,

-Automatic cleaning blade,

-The food does not adhere to the sides of the blade, so preventing layering from smearing each other,

-Thin uniform layer that is very possible, but thin with other methods and inaccessible

-High efficiency,

-Crushing to zero and less product loss,

-Much safer than all other conventional cutting methods,

-Pass through hard ingredients (walnuts, pistachios, olives, raisins, etc.) without moving them from place.

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