Advantages Of Handheld Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine

  • 2021-07-23

Hand-held ultrasonic spot welding machine is currently the mainstream welding machine, which can be used for welding of thermoplastic materials. During use, due to spot welding operation, it is relatively more perfect for welding. The welding head can be replaced for riveting and spot welding. , Embedding, cutting and other processing techniques. Compared with other welding machines, what are the advantages?

1. Advantages

Ultrasound can be used not only to weld metals, hard thermoplastics, but also to process fabrics and films. The hand-held ultrasonic welding machine can replace different ultrasonic welding heads according to the size of the riveting point and welding requirements of the products to be welded. It is fast and convenient, and the cost is much lower than that of the special ultrasonic welding machine for automobile door panels. It meets the needs of customers. .

Pistol ultrasonic welding machine: The appearance is designed according to ergonomics. The ultrasonic start switch is located on the trigger of the pistol, which is easy to hold and use, and is especially suitable for horizontal or vertical welding operations.

2. How to use

1. Clean the connecting surface of the welding head, connect it to the transducer of the vibrating tube, and lock it with a wrench. Note: When connecting, make sure that the two connecting surfaces between the welding head and the transducer are consistent and locked. Do not allow the connection screws to be too long or the sliding teeth cannot be locked, otherwise the sound wave will not be transmitted smoothly and cause damage to the machine.

2. After checking that the points 1 and 2 are properly installed, plug the power cord socket into the external power socket and flip the power switch, then the power indicator light will be on.

3. When the work is abnormal, please do not disassemble the equipment privately, please notify the supplier or send the equipment to the manufacturer for inspection and maintenance.

Hand-held welding products are mainly used in home appliances and automobile interior decoration, etc. For larger products, more professional welding machines may be required for operation

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