Working principle of ultrasonic rubber cutter

2021-05-26 16:34:42

Rubber is a highly elastic polymer, which has the characteristics of large elasticity, strong toughness, and easy stickiness at high temperatures. Therefore, traditional mechanical cutting is difficult to process. Ultrasonic rubber cutting avoids the shortcomings of traditional mechanical cutting to a certain extent. It can cut the rubber in various angles and directions, and the rubber is still smooth and smooth after cutting.

There are two main types of traditional rubber cutting methods: hot processing and cold processing. As far as the rubber material is concerned, it is more suitable for cold cutting. Cold cutting has the advantages of low heat generation, low thermal deformation, less dust generated during the cutting process, and no aging and cracking of the section due to excessive temperature. The wire cutting in cold working has higher accuracy, but the speed is very slow. Sometimes other methods are needed to punch and thread to cut, and the cutting size is greatly limited. Ultrasonic rubber cutting is a cold cutting process to avoid deformation of the rubber due to heating.

working principle

Ultrasonic rubber cutting knife uses ultrasonic energy to locally heat the cutting part to melt and cut. The whole cutting process will not cause chipping and breakage of the cutting material. Ultrasonic cutting uses high-frequency vibration to cut rubber, rather than simply cutting with blade pressure, reducing friction with rubber, so it is not easy to stick to the blade

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