Ultrasonic join for all rigid thermoplastics spot welding

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Ultrasonic Welding is the fastest and most cost effective method used today to join and assemble plastic parts and non-ferrous metals. Ultrasonic welding is cost effective and a green technology. Ultrasonic welding eliminates the need to use fasteners, glues and/or solvents.


Ultrasonic Welding can be used to join all rigid thermoplastics, synthetic fabrics and films. Ultrasonic welding uses an acoustic tool called an ultrasonic horn made to match your parts design. Ultrasonic Welding is converted to heat through friction that melts the plastic or metal. The main components of an ultrasonic welding system are the actuator and power supply, converter/booster & ultrasonic horn called the stack, part holding weld fixture/jig.


Material selection, Surface contact, Field of weld, Joint design, and Welding amplitude are all factors in determining the proper booster and horn design for any given application. Understanding the following principles and your application requirements will shed much light on this technology.

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