Ultrasonic Welding with Automation

2019-09-17 10:20:23

Automation processes continuously are looking for faster cycle times, tighter tolerances of the process and increased reliability. Pre-loaded ultrasonic welding units are another step to push the limits even further.

Depending on the methods of automation for mass production, flexible production of components or a combination of multiple functions, different technologies and approaches can be selected to meet the requirements. Commonly used technologies are cam-driven systems for high throughput, as well as robots that are getting more economical and creating new opportunities and areas of use.

The high processing speed that is provided by ultrasonic welding makes it very attractive for mass production, despite the higher initial investment. During the process, the ultrasonic vibrations that are generated from electrical voltage precisely melt the plastic at defined joining points and create a homogeneous bonding. Cycle times of up to 60 cycles per minute can be realized, depending on the required weld times between 80 and 450 milliseconds. The cold weld tools do not require a heat-up phase and are ready for operation at any time without the need of maintaining a certain temperature level. Good and profound preliminary application consulting is crucial though. This is particularly applicable for component design in order to achieve best-possible focusing of the ultrasonic vibrations in the joining area.

Multi-head solutions:

It also is possible to use several ultrasonic welding systems within automation lines; this is referred to as a multi-head application. There are specially developed ultrasonic products available for automation; the machines are available with frequencies of 20, 30 and 35kHz and with outputs of up to 6,200watt. There are very compact designs available that mostly are used for robot applications. In addition, there are new control concepts that easily can be adapted to the complexities of the various joining applications and are characterized by easy integration into the overall control architecture.


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