Ultrasonic Puncture Welding Design of Automotive Interior and Exterior Parts

2019-10-15 09:57:56

In the automotive industry, ultrasonic puncture welding is no stranger. We share some ultrasonic and puncture welding designs for interior and exterior parts of automobiles with actual interior parts. For reference only, there are automotive wheel eyebrow welding and car door panels for ultrasonic penetration welding. Shield welding, automotive radar bracket welding, automotive spoiler welding, etc.

What is ultrasonic puncture welding?

Ultrasonic puncture welding is only one type of ultrasonic welding. It belongs to an energy welding or destructive welding. It is widely used in the automotive industry. Generally speaking, it is called by ultrasonic welding equipment manufacturers.

How can I use ultrasonic penetration welding technology?


Related to the product material, it is best to mix the same material, or a material, the same material and other materials, mainly depends on whether the ultrasonic vibration of the two materials can be welded. When it is not certain, you can send the material ultrasonic welding test. 

How to design ultrasonic piercing?

Generally, it is the characteristics of upper and lower welding and puncture welding. One side will definitely have scars, and the other side will not be visible if the thickness is small.

Many customers care about material problems, and secondly care about how to design. I will share the actual ultrasonic puncture welding cases and for reference. There are some differences in the products of different ultrasonic puncture welding.

Ultrasonic puncture welding of automobile tail spoiler

The outer layer is 3.5mm and the inner layer is 3.1mm. Generally, the puncture welding will reserve the welding point, and the depth of the point is 1.5mm. (The outer layer can be added with a little ultrasonic welding line)

The outer layer is 3mm, the inner layer is 2.5mm, and the middle weld is 2mm deep.

It is possible to add some concave and convex positioning grooves to assist ultrasonic penetration welding.

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