Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Equipment for 35kHz 1000W Automotive Interior Parts

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Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Equipment for 35kHz 1000W Automotive Interior Parts


Ultrasonic plastic welding is a state-of-the-art technology used to form a permanent bond. Mechanical vibrations generate frictional heat until the plastic parts reach melting point and can be pressed together. The advantage of ultrasonic plastic welding is that it can be applied to embed metal parts into plastic. Fusing plastic and metal has become an important issue as plastic replaces other materials in the automobile industry. From steering wheels to door panels, the advantages of ultrasonic plastic welding include low cycle times, automation and flexibility. In addition, ultrasonic plastic welding doesn’t damage surface finish because high-frequency vibrations prevent marks from being generated. This is a serious consideration for many car manufacturers because flaws can impact their bottom line.


Ultrasonic plastic welding technology has been successfully used in automotive bumper welding, instrument panel and instrument panel welding, brake lights, airbags, automotive toolboxes, automotive door panels and other engine-related parts manufacturing industries. In recent years, many of the traditional metal-used parts have also begun to be replaced with plastics, such as intake manifolds, instrument pointers, radiator reinforcements, fuel tanks, filters, and the like.



 Item No.  HSW20  HSW30  HSW35  HSW40  HSW60
 Frequency  20kHz  30kHz  35kHz  40kHz  60kHz
 Max power  1000W  1200W  1000W  500W  500W
 Horn  ≤12mm  ≤10mm  ≤10mm  ≤10mm  ≤10mm
 Housing diameter  44mm  44mm  44mm  44mm  44mm
 Weight of welder  1.0kg  1.0kg  1.0kg  1.0kg



1. Ultrasonic welding can be applied to a diversity of combination of the material welding, It can not applied for semiconductor materials such as high temperature caused by the pollution and the operation, It is easy to weld the heat conductivity and high conductivity materials like gold, silver, copper, aluminum, etc.

2. The consumption power is small , only for the resistance spot welding 5% left and right sides, weld deformation less than 3-5% , solder joint strength and strength the stability by an average of about 15-20% , on the surface of cleanliness requirements is not high.

3. Ultrasonic welding process is widely used in the microelectronics devices and finishing technology, the most successful application is the integrated circuit element of interconnection and it is used in the electronic aerospace electrical packaging plastic industries .

4. Ultrasonic welding process successfully joins many dissimilar-materials combinations, It welds without filler metals or gases, It is fast and easily automated, Because ultrasonic welding does not require the connective bolts or soldering materials to bind two pieces together, it saves on the manufacturing & production costs.

5. Ultrasonic welding process is ideal because it creates the reliable bonds without introducing any impurities or thermal distortion to the components being joined, The ultrasonic weld dries rapidly because there are no adhesives or solvents to dry and there is no need for the materials to cure.

6. Ultrasonic Welding process offers the clean exteriors of welded parts, The potential manpower savings, The absence of drying time in the jig , the gas tight and it has completely stable, possibility of welding in the presence of the foreign bodies such as the powders and the liquids that are incompatible using any other conventional assembly processes .

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