Ultrasonic Homogenizer System for Gringding Capability of 200liters Standard Drum Container

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Ultrasonic Homogenizer System for Gringding Capability of 200liters Standard Drum Container

Altrasonic equipment focused on the r&d of high power ultrasound applications. Altrasonic has absolute

leading core technology, the most stable and mature manufacturing technology, rich experience, can provide

direct ultrasonic application scheme demonstrate, structure design, system configuration and related parts production.
Altrasonic equipment cooperated with the key graphene manufacturers, applied the ultrasound equipment in graphene

preparation process of industrialization firstly, and make the ultrasonic be a good supporting to the large-scale preparation of the high quality and low cost graphene materials.

Lab level

Recommendation of ultrasonic system (exfoliated type)

Item No. GS2020-L GS2030-L
Capacity 20L 30L
Output power 2000W 3000W
Main advantages High output intensity, high cavitation effect
Frequency 20 kHz±1kHz

Recommendation of ultrasonic system (Dispersing type)

Item No. GS2010 GS2015 GS205 GS2020 GS2030
Capacity 20L 30L 10L 20L 30L
Output power 1000w 1500w 500w 2000w 3000w
Frequency 20 kHz±1kHz 20 kHz±1kHz 20 kHz±1kHz 20 kHz±1kHz 20 kHz±1kHz
Working type Reactor / container Reactor / container


/ Flow chamber


/ Flow chamber


/ Flow chamber

Recommendation of ultrasonic machine (Industrial level)

Ultrasonic Probe / Ultrasonic digital generator / Control system assembly / Reactor assembly / Rack and

pipe fittings

Item No. HS-GS10 HS-GS25 HS-GS50 HS-GS100 HS-GS200 HS-GS300
Annual output 10tons 25tons 30tons 100tons 200tons 300tons
Output Power 2000w 2000w 2000w 2000w 2000w 3000w
Total Power













Frequency 20kHz±1kHz 20kHz±1kHz 20kHz±1kHz 20kHz±1kHz 20kHz±1kHz 20kHz±1kHz
Input Voltage 110v or 220v 110v or 220v 110v or 220v 110v or 220v 110v or 220v 110v or 220v
Total Volume 5㎡ 10㎡ 20㎡ 40㎡ 60㎡ 80㎡

Graphene With Ultrasonic

Currently we use two step exfoliation can obtain high concentration graphene dispersion, second ultrasound in 30 hours

reached the max concentration ---- 20 mg/ml, the instantaneous concentration as high as 63 mg/ml.
After using various methods, the graphite expansion and the space between graphene sheets increases, the vader Waals

between interlayers reduce, at the same time use the liquid phase exfoliation can make graphene production rate greatly

increased, and also can use water as solvent to obtain graphene, has a broad industrial prospect.Up to now, several

companies use this way to achieve large production of graphene.

Through ultrasonic equipment, the surface of graphene reach 500 ~ 1000 m2 / g, thickness in 0.55 ~ 3.74 nm,

the purity is more than 95 wt %, straight in: 0.5 3 microns, layer number less than 10.

Altrasonic perfect the graphene

  1. The development of graphene industry demand high quality graphene urgently;
  2. The large scale production of graphene;
  3. Before using Graphene. It is better to disperse by ultrasonic;
  4. Ultrasonic dispersion for more stable graphene dispersion fluid.
  5. In recently years, with its excellent performance and a variety of potential applications, graphene
  6. been developed fast. At the same time, people need a lot of high quality and complete structure
  7. graphene.This requires to improve the existing preparation method, explore new preparation
  8. path.And the development of preparation method require better ultrasonic equipment too.


T caps use replaceable, solve the problem of the tool head cavitation, T caps normal working hours more than 800 hours.
Using the high-power ultrasonic transducer (1500w - 3000w), More stable performance, normal service life more than 10000 hours.
Use of the digitally controlled power, to ensure that all the time in the best condition.
Dumbbell-type tool head design, greatly improving the ultrasonic radiation power per unit area.
The integrated piping made of stainless steel #316.
Overall liquid flow-controllable
Use network-based CAN-bus technology, all working parameters can have room remote control.

Unlimited prospects for graphene Market

Optoelectronic products field, with its very good light

transmittance, conductivity and flexibility, playing a role in

the touch
screen, wearable devices, OLED, solar energy and other fields.
Energy technologies.
Functional composite materials, by adding the graphene into

various shape matrix, can be prepared with good electrical

conductivity, thermal conductivity, processing, damage resistance

of special materials, it has potential applications in integrated

circuit, heat sink, high toughness containers.
Microelectronic device.
Biomedicine and sensor field

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