Ultrasonic Circular System for 20kHz 3000Watt Homogenizer Nanoemulsion

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Ultrasonic Circular System for 20kHz 3000Watt Homogenizer Nanoemulsion


Ultrasonic homogenization is the use of ultrasonic cavitation in liquids and other physical effects to achieve homogenization. Physical action refers to the formation of an effective agitation and flow disrupting medium in the liquid, the pulverizing of the particles in the liquid, mainly the collision between the liquid, the micro phase flow and the shock wave leading to changes in the surface morphology of the particles.
Cavitation refers to the generation of holes (small bubbles) in the weaker part of the liquid under the action of ultrasonic waves. The small bubbles pulsate with the ultrasonic waves, and the holes collapse in one sound cycle.


1. T caps use replaceable, solve the problem of the tool head cavitation, T caps normal working hours more than 800 hours.
2. Using the high-power ultrasonic transducer (1500w - 3000w), More stable performance, normal service life more than 10000 hours.
3. Use of the digitally controlled power, to ensure that all the time in the best condition.
4. Dumbbell-type tool head design, greatly improving the ultrasonic radiation power per unit area.
5. The integrated piping made of stainless steel #316.
6. Overall liquid flow-controllable
7. Use network-based CAN-bus technology, all working parameters can have room remote control.






Output power




Main advantages

High output power and cavitation effect



Power supply

Digital Generator

Power range

Power can be adjusted from 1% to 99%

Material of probe

Special Titanium material


Dispersing, Mixing, Homogenizing, reduce the size of particles.


1. Core parts withTitanium materials.
2. Ultrasonic horn with different size and type for selection
3. Matching with digital generator, auto-tuning, auto search frequency
4. Power adjustable from 1% to 99%
5. Frequency range from 19khz to 21khz
6. Lab and bench-up scale for testing


Ultrasonic mixing
Ultrasonic dispersing and deagglomeration
Ultrasonic Emulsifying
Ultrasonic Sonochemistry

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