Sound Intensity Measuring Instrument

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Sound Intensity Measuring Instrument


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1 Set


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Wood case

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200 Sets/Month


 Ultrasonic Power Measuring Meter:Measuring ultrasonic power in the liquid. The ultrasonic strength in the liquid sound field is the most important index ofthe ultrasonic system. There is a direct influence for the cleaning effect of cleaning machine and work efficiency of the ultrasonic processor. Ultrasonic power measuring instrument can measure the strength of the sound field whenever possible,quickly and easily. Moreover, it directly indicates the sound numerical value.
According to the different using fields, the ultrasonic power measuring instrument can be made into portable and monitoring types.






Range of Sound Intensity 0-150 W/cm²
Range of Frequency 5 Khz-1 Mhz
Service Temperature 0-100 °C (common)  0-500 °C (high temperature)
Service Medium PH 4-PH 10  (liquid)
Supply Voltage 220V
The Response Duration less than 0.1 second
Length of Probe 30cm 40cm 50cm 60cm   (optional)
Material of The Prode titanium
10*20*3 cm
Power Supply
9V Battery  or   External Power Supply


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