Rotary Ultrasonic Vibration Assisted Machining With CAT40 Spindle Type

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Rotary Ultrasonic Vibration Assisted Machining with CAT40 Spindle Type 


Ultrasonic machining (UM or USM) is a non-thermal, non-chemical and non-electrical process that keeps the chemical composition, material microstructure and physical properties of the workpiece constant. Sometimes referred to as ultrasonic impact grinding (UIG) or vibratory cutting, this process can be used to create a variety of complex features in advanced materials.


Frequency 20kHz
Output Power 500W
Voltage 220 V / 110V
Switch Handle or foot switch
Power Adjusting Step or continuous
Working Time Control 24 Hours
Weight 30 KG
Application Ultrasonic Milling
Generator Digital Generator
Length of cable 5M

Our product advantages:

• Modular integrated circuit for easy fixing and repair.

• Ultrasonic frequencies are automatic tracking and automatic scanning.

• Output power is greater than other brands.

• Ergonomically designed for ease of use and operation.

• Built-in fully automatic protection circuit.

• Safe application, stable and reliable operation.

• Fuse to protect the machine; cooling device for protecting the ceramic transducer.

• Use imported electronic parts and special rugged and durable parts.

• Each machine will perform a professional QC inspection before shipment

• After sales service is available.

• Using advanced digital integrated circuits, GW is lightweight, saving both shipping costs and portability.

• Power and amplitude can be adjusted between 50% and 100%.

• Use special plugs and sockets for the best connection and avoid poor machine connections.


1. Function: cutting, drilling, milling, etc.

2. Mass production of high-speed machining of various small parts and complex parts, diversified processing;

3. The complicated process can be completed in one time

4. Provide a full range of accessories

5. High precision

6. Easy to operate and easy to maintain


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