Replcement Converter For Branson 902R 900 Series Branson Probe Systems

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Replcement Converter For Branson 902R 900 Series Branson Probe Systems


 Item No.:  HS-B902R
 Frequency:  20kHz
 Power:  1100Watt
 Connect Screw:  1/2-20UNF
 Ceramic Diameter:  40mm
 Qty of Ceramic:  4PCS
 Amplitude:  20um
 Color of Ceramic:  Yellow


Transducer, in electronics, a device that converts electric energy into some other form of energy, especially the application of mechanical energy in industry is more and more significant.  

We mainly supply two kinds of Ultrasonic transducers: NTK type and Branson type. Widely used in ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic cutting,ultrasonic sewing machine,ultrasonic sonochemistry, ultrasonic wire stripping machine,ultrasonic nebulizer,Ultrasonic riveting machine.


1.High Efficiency: of high mechanical factor. High transfer efficiency is obtained when working in resonance frequency.

2.Big amplitude: designed and chosen by computer, high oscillation speed and big amplitude in front operculum.

3.Big Power: under the function of the prestressed force screw rod, the piezoelectricity ceramics can work freely in the highest level of power.

4.In good heat resistance: of small resonance impedance, less heat produced, can be used in a wide range of temperature with long life and high reliability.



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