Pollution-free Ultrasonic Sealing Machine Part for Bulletproof Vest

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Pollution-free Ultrasonic Sealing Machine Part for Bulletproof Vest



The work method of Seamless sewing part is completely imitating traditional sewing machine. The biggest characteristic is the ultrasonic transmit horn work direction is same with the sewed cloth. Which will make the sewed point of the cloth are even, flat and fastness. Through suitable design, it can reach perfect sewing effectiveness.




Model HS-W35
Frequency 35 kHz
Power 800 W
Rotary Welding Horns Width 12 mm
Power Adjust Method File or Continuous
The Horns Surface Hardness More than HRC56
Real-time Display Working Frequency and Working Current
Synchronizing Wheel Specifications 46XL Trapezoidal Tooth,Width16mm
Synchronizing Belt Matched The Length is not more than730mm,the Width 12mm
Allowable Rotation Speed 100 r/min.
Install Bolt M8, 4 pcs





Apply to lace clothing, ribbon,trim,Filter, Lacing and quilting,decoration products, handkerchief, tablecloth, curtain, bedspread, pillowcase, quilt cover, tent, raincoat, disposable operating coat and hat, disposable mask, non-woven fabric bags and so on.




With ultrasonic sealing, the heat required for melting is only generated inside the thermoplastic sealing layer. For localized conversion of vibrations to friction heat, the anvil or sonotrode profiles are mostly linear. These profiles ensure focusing of the energy input and therefore short sealing times between 100 and 200 milliseconds. With ultrasonic sealing heat is generated at the inside of the film, not by heat input from the outside as is the case with heat sealing, for example. The tools (sonotrode and anvil) that come into direct contact with the packaging material, remain cold during the entire weld process. The support layer remains almost cold and upon termination of energy input, the heat dissipates faster to the outside due to the temperature difference between the support layer and the sealing layer so that the hot-tack resistance is significantly higher.

Ultrasonic lace sewing machine used ultrasonic vibration and steel moulds, the above processing will be finished together with pressure.





Raw material - Bag mouth fold - thermal bonding - side fold - bottom sealing - loop handle fix - thermal bonding - edge cut - bag cut - collection

How does it work? 

The ultrasonic generator converts Normal Alternating Current into High frequency&voltage Alternating Current, and then transmits it to ultrasonic transducer. Ultrasonic transducer is actually a energy conversion device, which can convert the input electrical energy into mechanical energy called Ultrasonic. The transducer with longitudinal vibration repeatedly is the manifestation of ultrasonic. The frequency of vibration equates with the frequency powered by the generator, which is 35K. And the distance between vibrations is only a few microns. The booster has two functions. Firstly, it fix the whole ultrasonic vibration system. Secondly it amplifies the output amplitude from transducer, and transmits to the horn. The horn then amplifies the amplitude bigger and meanwhile converts the longitudinal vibration into radial vibration. The core part of ultrasonic sewing machine has the following advantages such as no influence on the existing equipment’s work, convenience for equipping and using, small in size, low power consumption ,etc..


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