Oil-water Emulsifier 20kHz Ultrasonic Homogenizer with Various Ranges Power

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Oil-water Emulsifier 20kHz Ultrasonic Homogenizer with Various Ranges Power 



There are two kinds of ultrasonic sonochemical equipment: experimental grade and industrial grade, because the application field is different, the power is different. Our equipment is mainly used for oil-water emulsification, solid-liquid dispersion, cell diffusion. And it can make molecules from micron to nanoscale. The frequency range selected for ultrasonic sonochemical processing equipment extraction, biodiesel production and sonochemical reaction biomass extraction is 15KHz~100KHz, of which ultrasonic waves with a frequency of about 20KHz are most commonly used, mainly because of the lower power under the same power conditions Ultrasonic frequency is more likely to produce cavitation effects. A large number of application practices have also proved that 20kHz is effective and has been applied on a large scale.


Principle :

The sonochemistry mainly refers to an emerging interdisciplinary process that uses ultrasonic waves to accelerate chemical reactions and improve chemical yield. The sonochemical reaction does not come from the direct interaction between sound waves and material molecules, because the wavelength of sound waves commonly used in liquids is 10cm-0.015cm (corresponding to the frequency 15KHZ--10MHZ), which is much larger than the molecular scale. The sonochemical reaction mainly originates from acoustic cavitation-the formation, shock, growth, contraction, and collapse of the bubbles in the liquid, and the physical and chemical changes caused by the machine.





1. Equipment extraction

2. Biodiesel production

3. Sonochemical reaction biomass

4. Oil-water emulsification

5. Solid-liquid dispersion







Shipping Port:Shanghai

Shipping Term:By express,by air,by ocean and so on.

Leading Time:Quick production leading time and fast delivery.Usually 1-3days if we have in stock.







Q:Can your ultrasonic machine assemble to my CNC machine?

A:Yes, you need to inform us the type of tool holder like BT/CTA/ISO/HSKA , or you can provide drawings that we will customized the same on our ultrasonic part to match your CNC machine.


Q:What is the RMP(Round Per Minute) pf your equipment?

A:Normally the max speed of designed equipment is below 3000RMP, if you need faster for better performance, we will do the some adjustment to match the max speed 30000 RPM.


Q:What is the diameter of your drilling tool?

A:The diameter range of our drilling tool is 1mm to 13mm(according to customs application)

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