Newly Defined Rotary Ultrasonic Machining for dental,zirconia,chrome

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Ultrasonic drilling


Ultrasonic drilling is a non-traditional, loose abrasive machining process. 

In this the mirror image of a shaped tool can be created in hard, brittle materials. 

Material removal is achieved by the direct and indirect hammering of abrasive particles against a workpiece. The Ultrasonic waves are sound waves of frequency higher than 20,000 Hz. 


1. Various kinds of materials especially fragile rigid material.

2. Processing plane, groove, all kinds of form surface (such as spline, gear and thread) and special surface of mould.

3. Application area: machining industry, machine tool equipment manufacturing.

4. Application occasion: manufacturing enterprise, universities and colleges, scientific research institution, mechanical equipment transformation industry.


Technical Parameters:


Product shape: HSK63 milling machine handle

Working frequency: 15-21KHz;

Resonance point amplitude: 10um or more;

Speed: 3000 r / min or less

Matching tool: carbide end mill head Φ2-Φ13; disk cutter Φ50;

Power: 500W


Competitive Advantages:

· Virtually any hard material can be machined

· Little heat is produced

· Since the motion of the tool is up-and-down vibration rather than rotation as in traditional machining, the holes cut are not limited to circular shapes but can be any shape. Custom "cookie cutter" tools can cut complicated shapes.

· Good surface finish and higher structural integrity is obtained

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