High-power Nano-level Ultrasonic Sonochemical Equipment for Herbal Extraction

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High-power Nano-level Ultrasonic Sonochemical Equipment for Herbal Extraction 


In the generation and application of nano-scale materials, ultrasound is a very effective processing method. Generally, ultrasonic cavitation in liquids may lead to rapid and complete degassing: by generating free ions (free radicals) to initiate various chemical reactions; by accelerating the mixing of reactants to accelerate chemical reactions; producing highly concentrated Emulsion or uniform dispersion of micron or nanoscale materials. Before scaling up the results to a commercial level, ultrasound can be tested at the laboratory and laboratory scale.


Features :


1. T caps use replaceable, solve the problem of the tool head cavitation, T caps normal working hours more than 800 hours

2. Using the high-power ultrasonic transducer (1500w - 3000w), More stable performance, normal service life more than 10000 hours

3. Use of the digitally controlled power, to ensure that all the time in the best condition

4. Dumbbell-type tool head design, greatly improving the ultrasonic radiation power per unit area.

5. The integrated piping made of stainless steel #316

6. Overall liquid flow-controllable

7. Use network-based CAN-bus technology, all working parameters can have room remote control





Ultrasonic mixing

Ultrasonic dispersing and deagglomeration

Ultrasonic Emulsifying

Ultrasonic Sonochemistry







Shipping Port:Shanghai

Shipping Term:By express,by air,by ocean and so on.

Leading Time:Quick production leading time and fast delivery.Usually 1-3days if we have in stock.







Q:Can your ultrasonic machine assemble to my CNC machine?

A:Yes, you need to inform us the type of tool holder like BT/CTA/ISO/HSKA , or you can provide drawings that we will customized the same on our ultrasonic part to match your CNC machine.


Q:What is the RMP(Round Per Minute) pf your equipment?

A:Normally the max speed of designed equipment is below 3000RMP, if you need faster for better performance, we will do the some adjustment to match the max speed 30000 RPM.


Q:What is the diameter of your drilling tool?

A:The diameter range of our drilling tool is 1mm to 13mm(according to customs application)

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