High Frequency Ultrasonic System in Medical Surgery

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High Frequency Ultrasonic System in Medical Surgery


Ultrasonic system is one of the important parts of ultrasonic emulsifier for ophthalmic ultrasonic emulsifier. Ultrasonic system consists of generator, transducer, booster and handle. It converts electrical energy into mechanical energy through the piezoelectric effect produced by the ceramic plates in the transducer and generators 100000psi stress at the end of the emulsifying needle, which is enough to break the crystal nucleus and close the tissue, achieving a good therapeutic effect.







Power adjusting

Intermittent or continuous


Manual, pedal or external control system

Work time control

0-999 seconds


Analog generator

Power cord

5 meters

The threading hole

Ø0.5mm or customized

Cooling method

Compressed air

Outer housing

Aluminum or Nylon



1.   The surgical incision was small, the traditional incision was 12mm, and this incision was less than 3mm.

2.   Postoperative reaction is light, incision healing is fast, vision recovery is faster and better.

3.   Postoperative astigmatism is smaller and easier to correct or control.

4.   Better surgical control, safe and stable.

5.   Surgery time is short, generally only about 15-30 minuters.

6.   Need not be in hospital, postoperative 1 hour can go home.

7.   No need to wait for the cataract to mature before surgery.



1.   Secondary cataract.

2.   Traumatic cataract without lens dislocation.

3.   For mature or immature senile cataracts, the visual acuity is less than 0.4.

4.   Congenital cataract.

5.   Those who have had cataract extraction and require intraocular lens implantation.

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