Handheld 35kHz Ultrasonic Assembly Welding Machine for Thermoplastic Material

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Handheld 35kHz Ultrasonic Assembly Welding Machine for Thermoplastic Material


Ultrasonic welding uses high frequency, low amplitude vibration to create heat between the two materials being joined. When used with plastics, it is important that both materials are made from similar amorphous polymers and have near equivalent melting points. The thermal rise in the bonded area is produced by the absorption of vibrations and the friction of the surfaces of the parts. The material plasticizes locally, creating an insoluble connection between both parts within a very short period of time.

Application :

Ultrasonic plastic welding is also utilized in the medical industry, primarily because it doesn’t introduce contaminants. Items such as anesthesia filters, blood filters, IV catheters, dialysis tubes and face masks can be made using ultrasonic plastic welding. Another important application in the medical field is the construction of such textile wear as hospital gowns, surgery garments, and transdermal patches, just to name a few. These items can be sewn and sealed using ultrasonic plastic welding to avoid and reduce the risk of infection.

Ultrasonic plastic welding is frequently used in the packaging industry. Everyday items, ranging from butane lighters to food containers, are created or packaged with ultrasonic plastic welding. Ultrasonic plastic welding is also found in the packaging of dangerous explosives, such as fireworks or dangerous chemicals. These items can’t be subjected to high temperatures, yet must be contained in an airtight container that can withstand stress and high pressure.

The food industry relies on ultrasonic plastic welding because it’s fast and sanitary while producing airtight seals. Milk and juice containers are prime examples of products sealed with an ultrasonic plastic welding machine. To complete the task, paper cartons are coated with sheer layers of plastic that are then welded together.


 Item No.  HSW20  HSW30  HSW35  HSW40  HSW60
 Frequency  20kHz  30kHz  35kHz  40kHz  60kHz
 Max power  1000W  1200W  1000W  500W  500W
 Horn  ≤12mm  ≤10mm  ≤10mm  ≤10mm  ≤10mm
 Housing diameter  44mm  44mm  44mm  44mm  44mm
 Weight of welder  1.0kg  1.0kg  1.0kg  1.0kg



1. Lightweight

Thanks to their plastic housing, the ultrasonic hand welding units are extremely light yet also robust.

2. Ergonomic shape

The weight of the ultrasonic hand welding guns is perfectly balanced thanks to their design, making them feel even lighter to handle as a result.

3. Service friendly

The converter can be changed over in no time.

4. Convenient working

Operating the hand unit is simple, safe, comfortable and intuitive.

5. Air cooling

Air cooling for the sonotrode and the converter is pre-integrated in the hand unit and should be used as required.

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