Converter For Branson 2000 Series Integrated Ultrasonic Plastic Welders

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Converter For Branson 2000 Series Integrated Ultrasonic Plastic Welders




Ultrasonic converter substitutes for Branson plastic welding machines directly replace Branson machines, providing lower cost, rugged quality and superior value. First of all, all the parts are new. These components are made of certified materials with a tightly controlled manufacturing process and are assembled and tested using carefully calibrated equipment in a climate-controlled environment, by appropriate aging and retest to ensure repetitive performance with OEM components.



Branson's 2000 series ultrasonic assembly systems set a new standard for sers operatng in the distance, time, energy, energy compensation, or peak power welding modes. The ability to choose from multiple welding mode is valuable for applications requiring a high level of process control and weld quality. Systems include: The integrated welder 2000IW, Power Supplies and Low-Power Hand-Held Welders.


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