Branson 502 Converter For Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Power Suply

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  • HS-B502
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Product Details

Branson 502 Converter For Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Power Suuply



 Item No.:  HS-B502
 Frequency:  20kHz
 Power:  3300Watt
 Connect Screw:  1/2-20UNF
 Ceramic Diameter:  50mm
 Qty of Ceramic:  6PCS
 Resistance:  10Ω
 Capacitance:  20000pF



Ultrasonic transducers, essentially piezoelectric ceramics with the same frequency as the resonant frequency, use the piezoelectric effect of the material to convert electrical energy into mechanical vibration.Generally, the ultrasonic wave is generated by the ultrasonic generator first, converted into mechanical vibration by the ultrasonic transducer, and then the ultrasonic receiving device can generate ultrasonic waves.


All-new made in China

Meets or exceeds all Branson specifications

Directly replaces Branson803

Certified materials

Made in ISO-9002 registered facility

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