35kHz Precision Ultrasonic Welding System for Assembly Plastic Parts

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35kHz Precision Ultrasonic Welding System for Assembly Plastic Parts


Ultrasonic welding is the clean, fast and reliable method of joining plastics, It is the use of ultrasonic frequency mechanical vibration energy in the work-piece surface to produce the plastic deformation and failure under the pressure surface , realize the welding method.

Ultrasonic welding process is most commonly used to join the thermoplastics, It is used in joining the materials which are not similar and it does not require any bolts, soldering material, nails or the adhesives that are needed to join the materials together.

Application :

• Thermoplastics

• Non-crystalline plastic

• Semi-crystalline plastic

• Non-woven fabric

• Thermoplastic fabrics

• Polymeric materials

• Coated paper

• Mixed fabrics



 Item No.  HSW20  HSW30  HSW35  HSW40  HSW60
 Frequency  20kHz  30kHz  35kHz  40kHz  60kHz
 Max power  1000W  1200W  1000W  500W  500W
 Horn  ≤12mm  ≤10mm  ≤10mm  ≤10mm  ≤10mm
 Housing diameter  44mm  44mm  44mm  44mm  44mm
 Weight of welder  1.0kg  1.0kg  1.0kg  1.0kg



• No welding sparks, environmental safety

• Low power consumption, good effect, small noise and small size.

• Simple operation

• Welding joints are highly sealed and the welding process is stable

• Fast, efficient and short welding time, without any flux, gas or solder


1) Uses Ultrasonic Piezo ceramics transducer, with stable output 

2) Robust circuit design.

3) Easy to operate

4) It is suitable for 1 - 15mm welding stitches.

5) Horn shapes could be round, square or other shapes.

6) Welding time: 0.1 - 10s

Types of ultrasonic assembly:

1. Ultrasonic vibratory energy is used in several distinct assembly and finishing techniques such as: 

Welding : The process of generating melt at the mating surfaces of two thermoplastic parts. When ultrasonic vibrations stop, the molten material solidifies and a weld is achieved. The resultant joint strength approaches that of the parent material; with proper part and joint design, hermetic seals are possible. Ultrasonic welding allows fast, clean assembly without the use of consumables. 

2. Staking : The process of melting and reforming a thermoplastic stud to mechanically lock a dissimilar material in place. Short cycle times, tight assemblies, good appearance of final assembly, and elimination of consumables are possible with this technique. 

3. Spot Welding : An assembly technique for joining two thermoplastic components at localised points without the necessity for preformed holes or an energy director. Spot welding produces a strong structural weld and is particularly suitable for large parts, sheets of extruded or cast thermoplastic, and parts with complicated geometry and hard-to-reach joining surfaces.

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