3-layer Non-woven Mask Making Machine Wheel Accessories

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Product Details

3-layer Non-woven Mask Making Machine Wheel Accessories

Product List:


Upper discharge roller

Upper puller roller

Welding tooth mould

Discharging rollers

Cutter seat

Pull down roller

Sealing rollers





Common Problems and Solutions:


1. Deformation of the roller set

Improper installation is the main cause of deformation. Installation deviation or not installed in the bearing position, resulting in too small bearing clearance. The inner and outer rings are not at the same center of rotation, resulting in misalignment.

Suggestion: Choose appropriate or professional bearing installation tools, and use special instruments to test after installation.

2. Premature bearing damage

1). Poor lubrication is one of the main causes of premature bearing damage. The main reasons include: not filling lubricant or lubricant in time; lubricant or lubricant not filling in place; improper selection of lubricant or lubricant; incorrect lubrication method, etc.

Recommendation: Choose the correct lubricant or lubricating oil, and use the correct lubrication filling method.

2). Pollution Pollution can also cause premature damage to the bearing. Pollution means that sand, dust, metal chips, etc. enter the bearing. The main reasons include: opening the bearing package too early before use, causing pollution; the working environment is not clean during installation, causing pollution; the working environment of the bearing is not clean, and the working medium is polluted.



Production Accuracy:

Geometric shape accuracy: 

The geometric shape accuracy refers to the accuracy of the geometric shapes such as the surfaces or axes of the components, such as whether the line is straight, whether the surface is flat, whether the normal cross section of the cylinder is round, etc. The allowable range of variation is represented by "shape and position tolerance". The smaller the shape and position tolerance number, the higher the shape accuracy.


Dimensional accuracy: 

Dimensional accuracy refers to the degree of size of the part after processing, expressed by "dimension tolerance". When the dimensions of the parts are the same, the higher the accuracy, the smaller the tolerance number.


Position accuracy: 

Position accuracy refers to the accuracy of the mutual position between the various surfaces of the component, such as whether the two planes are parallel, perpendicular, and whether the two axes are coaxial, etc., expressed by "position tolerance".





Shipping Port:Shanghai

Shipping Term:By express,by air,by ocean and so on.

Leading Time:Quick production leading time and fast delivery.Usually 1-3days if we have in stock.


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