28khz Ultrasonic Spot Welding Manual Welding Gun

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Ultrasonic spot welding machine

 How Does It Work?


UItrasonic welding is a method of joining two parts by converting electrical energy into heat energy by high frequency mechanical vibration and is suitable for plastics and metals. One part of the assembly is set in motion in order to cause intense friction between it and the other part that remains static. This movement is provided by a vibrating component called a sonotrode which is applied at right angles to the surface of the part to be welded.


Friction is localised at the interface of the assembly. The resultant heat quickly melts the plastic which flows and amalgamates. After it has cooled, a solid homogeneous weld between the two components results. The vibration frequency of the sonotrode is 20 to 40 kHz which is outside the perception limit of the human ear.

Ultrasonic hot fix Machine use to fixing, welding, cutting and embossing synthetic fibre material. Processing without needle and thread, final products can be washed more than 10 times after test. Widely use to process clothing, toys, non-woven,lether,shoes, bags materials. Our company provide: ultrasonic hot fix machine, ultrasonic rhinestone machine, automatic 2 color hot fix machine, automatic 6 color hot fix machine to satisfy various industries’ requirement." Your professional hot fix machine designer." is our declaration

Technical parameters of ultrasonic hot fix machine

Products name

Ultrasonic spot welding machine




28KHZ -500w


220V OR 110V





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