28Khz Welding Probe For Ultrasonic Plastics Welding

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Ultrasonic plastics welding has advantages over joining methods using solvents or adhesives. Production cycle times are usually improved with speeds in the region of 2000 parts an hour being achieved in the most favourable cases.


Additional advantages include clean exteriors of welded parts, potential manpower savings, absence of drying time in the jig, gas tight and completely stable assemblies, possibility of welding in the presence of foreign bodies such as powders and liquids, and of welding materials which are incompatible using any other conventional assembly processes.



Hand ultrasonic spot welding machine

The handheld ultrasonic spot welding machine features:

Novel portable structure design, convenient operation and move fast;

Hand/foot/automatic assembly line mode operation, flexible and practical.

Patent automatic tracking system, without manual tuning frequency;

Unique value design, all steel shell, all aluminum kernel, membrane switch panel, king kong black pensu processing;

Small volume, light weight, convenient operation;

Power is strong, can reach 300-800 w, can be continuous or pulse work, especially for phi 1-15 mm melting point are operable.


Scope of application:

Widely used in stationery industry, industry, garment industry, electronics, automotive electronics and other industries


Ultrasonic spot welding machine specifications:

The input voltage AC220v/110V plus or minus 10%/

Rated power 500 w

Resonance frequency 28 KHZ


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