1000Watt Welding PE and ABS for Portable Ultrasonic Spot Welder

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1000Watt Welding PE and ABS for Portable Ultrasonic Spot Welder





Ultrasonic is not limited to only thermoplastic materials. An ultrasonic assembly process can also be used to install threaded brass inserts into molded plastic bosses; stake plastic bosses over metal plates or printed circuit boards; swage over standing walls to entrap another component; perform continuous line seals on thin films and fabrics; seal the ends of collapsible squeeze tubes; accomplish perimeter seals on clam shell packages; spot weld corrugated plastic sheets in the manufacture of boxes; and much more.


Important Factors:

The welding time and the welding head pressure can be adjusted with the amplitude determined by configuration of the converters and rods. Generally, the main variables are:

Amplitude rods and converters

Welding head pressure

Welding time

Hold time

The adjustment must be precise. If the frequency is too high or the amount of time the signal is applied is too long, the plastics can easily deform outside of the boundaries of the connection points. If the applied energy is too weak, then a poor connection forms.



1. Ultrasonic is the fastest, most repeatable and economical assembly method available to the industry today. 

2. With ultrasonic, most thermoplastics can be assembled without heat, mechanical fasteners, or hazardous consumables such as adhesives or solvents. 

3. Ultrasonic can join parts - small or large, simple or complex - with lower reject rates than any other method.

4. Using ultrasonic, labor - both as a skill factor and as a time factor - is significantly reduced. And since the equipment can readily be automated, any non-technical operator can be trained in minutes to produce high volume, high integrity assemblies.


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