With Long Term Output Stability and Reliability of Solar Panel by Ultrasonic Metal Welding

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With Long Term Output Stability and Reliability of Solar Panel by Ultrasonic Metal Welding 




20 Khz

Output Power

2000 W


220 V


Handle or foot switch

Power Adjusting

Step or continuous

Working Time Control

24 Hours


20-30 KG   ( Determined by the size of the horn )


Digital Generator



By using the ultrasonic high frequency vibration principle, the ultrasonic metal welder converts the ultrasonic vibration energy into friction energy to transfer the metal’s surface. Under condition of producing the heat by the friction and putting a pressure to the metal, The metal pieces will fuse.



1. Fast Heating: The minimum rate of heating is less than one second(rate of heating is available for adjustment and control)


2. Wide Coverage of Heating: It can be used to heat various metal parts (replace removable induction coil as per different shape).


3. Easy Installation: It can be used once it is connected with power source, induction coil as well as water supply pipe and rising pipe; it is small in size and light in weight.


4. Easy Operation: You can learn to operate it within several minutes.


5. Fast start-up: It can be started to perform heating operation on condition that water and power supply is available.


6. Low Power Consumption: As compared with conventional vacuum tube high frequency equipments, it can save the power by approximately 70%. The smaller the size of the work pieces, the lower power consumption would be.


7. High Effectiveness: It has such features as uniform heating ( it is applicable to adjust the spacing of the induction coil to ensure the appropriate temperature as required by each part of work piece ), fast warming and limited oxic horizon, and can guard against any waste after annealing.








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