Ultrasonic food processing

2021-04-30 10:37:58

Ultrasonic food processing involves an ultrasonic food cutting knife (guillotine) that produces an almost frictionless surface where the food will not stick or deform. Products are cut cleanly on the surface, including fillings such as nuts, raisins, dried fruits or chocolate chips, without shifting or ploughing. Many of the most prestigious food manufacturers in the world are using ultrasonic food cutting technology. It is safe and reliable, and can produce higher quality finished products while reducing cleaning or production downtime.

Can cut food
Many factors will affect the cutting effect of various foods.

Almost all types of cheese in all shapes can be successfully cut by ultrasound. Soft cheeses with high moisture content tend to be the most difficult, while hard cheeses with high fat content work best. Ultrasonic cutting will provide better aesthetics, reduce breakage and damage, and will reduce downtime due to cleaning or product sticking to the blade surface.
Stick food
Molded and extruded stick products, as well as other non-brittle confectionery products, can be cut with excellent results. Nuts, raisins and other inclusions usually have little effect on the cutting process. Temperature and formula play a big role in the success of cutting dairy products.
Multi-layered, multi-density cakes are the most common of these types of products. Ultrasound can provide excellent and beautiful cutting results for high-value cakes and bakery products. High-quality aesthetics, reduce product adhesion. You can use soft cream, or even inclusions such as nuts or raisins.
Bread or square sandwiches can be ultrasonically cut effortlessly. You can chop meat, cheese, and vegetables evenly and cleanly without disturbing the bread layer or compressing the bread.

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