Ultrasonic air atomizing nozzles help the blanking port to suppress dust

2020-09-24 13:24:52


Ultrasonic atomizing nozzle-The ultrasonic air atomizing nozzle is made of stainless steel as a whole, with precise workmanship and good spraying effect. This is a dust suppression device with aerodynamic auxiliary spray. It belongs to a typical two-fluid atomization series. The principle is: compressed air is used to impact the resonant cavity to generate ultrasonic waves, and the ultrasonic waves atomize the water into dense particles with a diameter of only 1-20μm. Fog droplets capture and condense fine dust in a partially closed dust producing point, so that the dust can settle down quickly to achieve local dust suppression. Very practical in the blanking port, material reprinting and other links! What is the principle?



The principle of aerodynamics: When the airflow containing dust particles bypasses the droplets, the probability of the droplets catching the dust particles in the airflow is related to the diameter of the droplets. When the fog drop is large, the dust particles just go around the fog drop with the flow and are not captured. When the particle size of fog droplets is similar to that of dust, it is easier to collide with dust particles and catch the dust. Ultrasonic atomization is the application of this principle to produce droplets of less than 20μm and similar in size to fine dust to capture dust. 


The principle of cloud physics: due to the tiny droplets, some of the droplets will quickly evaporate in the air, which quickly saturates the relative humidity in the partially enclosed space. The supersaturated water vapor will condense with the dust particles as the nucleus, and the dust particle size will continue to increase until it falls, forming a process from "cloud" to "rain".


Good atomization effect: the diameter of water mist particles is between 1-10 microns, and the amount of mist is adjustable.

Low operating costs: low energy consumption, long service life, convenient maintenance and low maintenance costs.

No secondary pollution: Ultrasonic atomization dust removal technology does not require dust removal, and the dust is restrained at the dust source.

Very low water consumption: The increase in moisture of materials at the dust source point is less than 0.2%.

Good control performance: local/automatic/centralized control can be realized.

Low capital investment: The dust removal equipment occupies a small space, and there is no need to build a special dust removal room.



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