Ultrasonic Wire-embedding One of the Drivers of Success for RFID in Several Application Fields

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Ultrasonic Wire-embedding One of  the Drivers of  Success for RFID in Several Application Fields

Principle of 70 Khz Card Implanting Welder :

High Speed wire embedding with multiple embedding heads. Using the latest in linear servo technology and ultrasonic embedding units coupled together with vision cameras the wire embedding system is unrivalled in its speed, accuracy and the quality of antennae that it produces. Capable of working with a range of materials and wire diameters and an easy to use interface making solid wire antennas was never so easy.







Power Adjusting

Step or continuous


Handle , foot switch,or linked outside

Working Time control



Digital generator


2M,  national standard

The threading hole

Ø0.5m or design according to customers' need

Cooling down method

Compressed air

Outer housing

aluminium or nylon



Components and Parts

Ultrasonic digital generator



Embedding / welding horn

Protective Sleeve (Nylon and Aluminum optional)

HF Cable

Power cord



1.steady welding point, completely eradicate insufficient solder technically.

2.the size of welding spots is the same, equality line, good effect on uniformity

3.the welding spot is small, wouldn’t increase the weight of the coil, easy to do lamination and encapsulation

4.to leave out the immersion tin step before doing welding ,save an operator.

5. after skilled in welding, much faster than the way to use searing iron to do weld.

6.on the process on manufacturer, there is no waste gas, waste rubbish on pollution, runs in quiet and no noise.

7.to select the the frequency 60KHz, one machine could drive 5-10 ultrasonic products, the speed to do welding is much faster.

8.low power consumption, to save production cost for manufacturer enterprise.

Difference between ultrasonic embedding technology and traditional winding technology

Traditional winding process of production steps: coil, rationale coils, cut immersion thread, artificial welding coil to the COB, bonding the welded coil to the sheet a total of five processes, only winding is semi-automated or automated equipment to complete, The other four processes are completed by hand. Productivity underground, production costs more expensive. Especially welding COB process, manual welding efficiency is only about 600PCS / H, and often accompanied by Weld, false welding and other undesirable phenomena. In addition, due to more manual processes, the uniformity of product performance is poor.

The process of ultrasonic embedding process: pick up chip + chip to sheet metal, embedded wire + shear line + touch welding to complete, a total of two processes, complete automation equipment complete.High production efficiency, lower production costs, and the entire process is completed by the equipment, the performance is more consistent.

With the increase of labor costs in China, more and more manufacturers are aware of the importance of automation equipment, which makes the application of automation equipment more and more high.At the same time, users, purchasers, supply chains, agents and other products have higher and stricter requirements on the performance of the products.

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