Ultrasonic Spot Welder 28kHz 800Watt for Welding Mask Ear Band

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Ultrasonic Spot Welder 28kHz 800Watt for Welding Mask Ear Band 



The ultrasonic spot welding system is a very efficient and environmentally friendly mask ear band welding machine. Ultrasonic welding is the clean, fast and reliable method of joining non-woven, It is the use of ultrasonic frequency mechanical vibration energy in the work-piece surface to produce the plastic deformation and failure under the pressure surface, realize the welding method. The non-woven fabric layer of the medical mask is mainly made of polypropylene fiber material with high solubility, which belongs to the fiber material with high solubility of polypropylene products. Ultrasonic welding system can weld non-woven fabrics well, environmentally friendly, sterile, efficient and strong.


Item No.: HS-W28

Frequency: 28kHz

Power: 800Watt

Size: 50*29*44cm

Voltage: 110V/220V

Welding Speed: 15-35 pcs / Min

Welding Horn Diameter: 8mm

Welding Horn Material: Titanium Alloy

Parts List:

The third generation ultrasonic mask ear strap welding machine is composed of converter, booster, sonotrode and generator.

1. Generator:

The ultrasonic generator uses the supply voltage to generate high voltage in the respectively required ultrasonic frequency. The generator protects the vibrating system from overload, keeps the amplitude (tool movement) at a constant level.

2. Converter:

The converter represents the interface between the electrical and the mechanical area. Utilizing the inverse piezoelectric effect, it converts the electrical oscillation to mechanical longitudinal vibration and transfers it to the booster or the sonotrode.

3. Booster:

The amplitude transformer, often referred to as booster, increases or reduces the amplitude coming from the converter. Being suspended at nodal plain, the booster can also be used for vibration-free support of the stack in the ultrasonic welding machine and for transmission of forces.

4. Sonotrode:

The sonotrode being the actual active weld tool, transmits the mechanical vibrations into the part; i.e. it launches the ultrasonic vibration. Depending on its design geometry, the sonotrode can either increase or reduce the amplitude.




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