Ultrasonic Processors For Liquid Degassing And Deaeration

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 Ultrasonic Processors For Liquid Degassing And Deaeration


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1 Set


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Foam case

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In 7 Working Days 

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Supply Ability:

100 Sets/Month


Quick Detail:

Simple, low-cost design
Low operating costs
High efficiency

Low maintenance
Faster emulsification




Ultrasonic cavitation in the liquid so that liquid condensed dissolved air constantly, become very small air bubbles, and finally becomes a spherical bubble from the liquid surface, so as to achieve the purpose of degassing the liquid. Designed for degassing, defoaming launch ultrasonic degassing equipment (ultrasonic defoaming device) strong cavitation in a short time to complete the degassing of liquids, it can be directly used in the production lines, continuous production, and for the needs of different users (liquid flow is different, up to hundreds of liters / minute or more) has a variety of models to choose from.




Ultrasound in solution, will produce alternating pressure, capable of generating cavitation bubbles for cavitation threshold of acoustic wave propagation in liquid and can significantly improve the gas bubbles from the solution to the mass transfer rate.
Cavitation bubbles from the solution of tiny gas nuclei generated in the sparse acoustic phase due to the tensile stress (negative pressure) that would create these vacuoles. If the tensile stress persists after vacuolization, this space-time bubbles will expand to many times the original size. In this case, air bubbles remain spherical structure, then continued to grow, vibration, collapse.
When the role of ultrasound in the solution gas composition by gas - liquid interface "directional spread" into the cavitation bubbles, cavitation bubbles into the growth phase, when cavitation bubbles collapse at the surface of the solution, the gas will escape from the bubble in which resulting in a degassing.


Foam is a large concentration of bubbles, the ultrasonic degassing of gas equipment is pre-generated foam, bubbles are not a large number gathered in front of the liquid foaming, degassing, or dissolution, mixing in the liquid gas defoaming, degassing.
The whole process does not use any antifoaming agent, a defoaming entirely physical manner, also called mechanical defoaming manner.
For the surface of the foam that has been generated, the device is not obvious, it needs to fit the way anti-foaming film together to solve them.









20±1 KHz

20±1 KHz

20±1 KHz

20±1 KHz


1000 W

1500 W

2000 W

3000 W


220±10% V

220±10% V

220±10% V

220±10% V







35 MPa

35 MPa

35 MPa

35 MPa

Intensity of sound

20 W/cm²

30 W/cm²

40 W/cm²

60 W/cm²

Max Capacity

> 10 L/Min

> 15 L/Min

> 20 L/Min

> 30 L/Min

Material Of Tip Head

Titanium Alloy

Titanium Alloy

Titanium Alloy

Titanium Alloy

PSIf you need more power, we can install two or more device.





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