Ultrasonic Mould Component of Medical Surgical Face Mask Welder

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Ultrasonic Mould Component of Medical Surgical Face Mask Welder



Ultrasonic horns include all the ultrasonic transmitting ends. It couples ultrasonic energy generated by the ultrasonic transducer to workpieces being welded. The size and shape of ultrasonic horns depend on the material, shape and design of products being welded. Good-quality ultrasonic horns can transfer mechanical vibration converted from ultrasonic transducer effectively to workpieces to form continuous and stable welding. Ultrasonic horns designed improperly will destroy the ultrasonic welding effect even damage the ultrasonic transducer or generator directly. 15kHz is a dedicated frequency for making medical masks.


1. High hardness, up to 60 degrees Rockwell hardness, 45 degrees ordinary hardness, not easy to wear;

2. Strong and durable, high yield strength, not easy to crack;

3. Compared with titanium alloy, it has low cost and excellent hardness compared with titanium alloy;

4. Cut chemical fiber fabrics without loose edges.


Size: 200*25mm

Material: Steel



Ultrasonic lace cutting and sewing, ultrasonic welding of masks, cutting and slitting of dust-free cloths, labeling and slitting, punching and punching of nylon cloth, engraving and drilling of precious stones, ultrasonic embedding of copper nuts.





Shipping Port:Shanghai

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