Ultrasonic Metal Tube Sealing Machine For Copper Or Aluminum Tubes Of Refrigerator And Air Conditioner

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Ultrasonic Metal Tube Sealing Machine For Copper Or Aluminum Tubes Of Refrigerator And Air Conditioner


1. Low cost;
2. Quick welding horn changing;
3. Minimum the operating cost;
4. Good matching between welding horn and transducer;
5. High precision, which ensure the good cutting and sealing effect of metal tubes;
6. Advanced control device: the tuning of the machine can be done with a button also the welding quality can be monitored so as to ensure the best welding effect.
Ultrasonic welding reduces the labor cost of customers by more than 60%. Operators can seal and cut copper pipe with condensing agent with only one step, saving cost: quick joint and edge cutting machine. Not like the tranditional welding to use natural gas. It is more ECO and better for envrionment.
HS-F2030A series of ultrasonic metal welders are capable of simultaneously welding and cutting 2-12mm copper or aluminum tubes.
It is mainly used in refrigerator and air conditioning manufacturing industry to weld and seal copper or aluminum tubes with condensing agent, as well as capillary or spherical temperature sensors, and other products requiring sealing copper or aluminum tubes.


Model No# HS-F2030A
Power 3000W
Copper pipe size φ2-12mm
Working air pressure 0.05-0.9MPa
Frequency 20kHz
Voltage 220V
Weight 26KGs
Working head Size 460*220*100mm
Machine Size 540*380*150mm


Principles of Metal Welding:
Ultrasonic metal welding is a fast, clean and economical way of welding.
Ultrasonic welding process is a kind of process between cold pressure welding and friction welding.The mechanical vibration of ultrasonic metal welding head is parallel to the workpiece surface.Static pressure through the welding head vertical role during welding in the welding on the surface, high frequency vibration superposition with shear force at the same time, when the shear force beyond the material elastic limit, the parts of the workpiece contact surface began to slip, the shear force in the welding process to tens of thousands of times per second frequency changing direction, broken and eliminate artifacts oil, pure metal surface in the multiple point contact, began as a continuation of the high frequency vibration, pure metal contact area expands unceasingly, until the extended to the whole welding area, at the same time in the contact surface atom diffusion, metallic recrystallization generated fine grained structure and take on the characteristics of the metal cold deformation.
Why choose our metal welding machine:
● Welding materials do not melt, do not destroy metal properties
● After welding, electric conduction, good thermal conductivity, low or almost zero resistance coefficient
● Low requirements for welding metal surface, oxidation or electroplating can be welded
● Short soldering time, no flux, gas, solder required
● It is easy to realize the connection and automatic control between different metals welding, 
   no spark, environmental protection and safety

Comparison of welding technology:

● Argon arc welding, resistance welding, current welding, intermediate frequency welding, high

frequency welding and other such welding are welding. It melts the metal together at high temperature and has changed the original properties of materials

● The laser welding principle is the same as above, relying on high-temperature fusion welding, but can be precise spot welding, note that it is a point can not be area welding

● Ultrasonic welding principle is high frequency friction welding, close to cold welding, it is the best electrical connection welding process at present, for the destruction of the parent material, until now there is no international found that a welding process can be compared with ultrasonic welding

● For the specific industry, ultrasonic welding has the advantage of no competition

● Our company independently developed quality control system, with three basic control modes of welding energy, time and height, and a variety of quality control software to meet different demands.Other domestic companies basically do not have the welding energy control mode, only simple time control.

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