Ultrasonic Food Cutting System 20kHz for Cutting Cake

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Ultrasonic Food Cutting System 20kHz for Cutting Cake




Altrasonic developed ultrasonic cutting system using high frequency wave vibration quickly handle food, eliminates the traditional cutting blade consecutive clean cause of downtime.

The ultrasonic food cutting system provides a new way to cut, slice and automatically redirect a variety of foods to minimize production processes, waste minimization and maintenance costs.

Ultrasonic food slicing equipment USES ultrasonic energy to generate 2,000 high-frequency vibrations per second, creating a nearly frictionless surface between the blade and the food, so there will be no viscosity and extrusion problems.Because friction is greatly reduced, the blade has almost no wear.

It is usually installed on robot arm or automatic production line for precise and efficient cutting. Automatic ultrasonic food cutting equipment is suitable for cake room and food processing workshop. It is easy to operate and suitable for all kinds of baked goods.Automatic control ultrasonic food cutting equipment can be arbitrary cutting, diverse shapes, different thickness.




 Item No.  HS-C20
 Frequency  20kHz
 Power  800W
 Voltage  AC 110v-240V, 50Hz / 60Hz
 Material of blade  Titanium alloy
 Length of blade  125mm, 255mm, 305mm
 Machine weight  15-18kg



• Reduce friction with ultrasonic energy cutting

• High processing speed, reduced cleaning time and high cutting efficiency

• Sticky materials such as cream do not stick to the knife, and the cut surface is smooth and beautiful

• Cut food, confectionery and cakes are suitable

• Cutting constant temperature, working in high temperature and low-temperature environment




Ultrasonic cutters can be used for divided creamed multi-layer cakes, laminated mousse cakes, jujube cakes, steamed sandwich cakes, Napoleon, Swiss rolls, brownies, tiramisu, cheese, ham sandwich sandwiches and other baked goods. It can cut a variety of baked and frozen foods, such as round, square, fan, triangle, etc. And we can provide customized ultrasonic solutions according to customer needs and existing conditions. Welcome to sample testing.

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